• Notarial Services

    We provide bespoke notarial services ranging from assistance related to the conveyancing of immovable property; legal advise and all your real estate needs including the drafting of property agreements and the publication of notarial deeds.  Succession and estates planning is another key practise area. We can provide a vast array of services including the certification and legalisation of documents and the preparation of powers of attorney.

  • Legal Services

    We provide legal assistance in an array of areas, including the set up, registrations and administration of companies in Malta; residency and immigration advise for individuals; assistance in relation to specialised sectors in Maltese economy identified as areas targetted for growth. We assist clients with the preparation and advise linked to  international commercial contracts, as well as with protecting the creditorial interests and structuring debt arrangements in a tailor made manner.

Malta boasts of a wide selection of properties, ranging from character properties, farmhouses and period townhouses, to luxurious villas and palazzos, as well as a number of ultra-modern high profile developments. Whether one is after breath-taking sea views, lull country views or quant village-life, the Maltese property market as well as the properties on the sister island, Gozo, offer a broad selection to investors, retirees or foreign nationals seeking to relocate to Malta.

The process of becoming a home owner in Malta is two-tiered. Once an agreement is reached on the terms of the sale, a preliminary agreement is drawn up by a Notary. This would reflect all the considerations brought to the fore by either party to the agreement, and depending on the circumstances at hand, it may be made subject to certain conditions. The preliminary agreement, also known as the convenium , provides the framework for the subsequent deed of sale in terms of which the title to the property is transferred in favour fo the purchaser.

If bank finance is to be taken for the acquisition of the property, this is taken care of after signing the preliminary agreement. The Notary would thereupon co-ordinate with the lending bank and the funds to be loaned are made available contemporaneously with the signing of the final deed of sale.

Purchasing a property gives rise to Stamp Duty which is payable in part on the signing of the preliminary agreement, and the balance is paid on the final deed of sale. There are conditions for the acquisition of immovable property by non-residents, and in many cases it may be necessary for the Notary to obtain the permit for the acquistion of the immovable property by the non-residents.

It is also possible to rent residential or  commercial premises, and in such instances, a private agreement regulating the terms and conditions of the grant must be drawn up between the parties.